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Time:2021-12-24      Source:AUPICIOUS GROUP

      CCTV news: network security is not only related to the security of personal information, but also the protection of national information security. At the Technology Summit Forum of the national network security publicity week, experts discussed topics such as security protection of key information infrastructure, network security standards and industry, and personal information protection.


      Network security expert Eugene Kaspersky: in the 5g era, the speed of networking and data collection is getting faster and faster. The network security problems formed among them have new characteristics. For different groups, we must study different solutions through audience segmentation.


      Xiao Xinguang, a network security expert: at present, we can't only focus on the surface and easily visible network security threats. We need to pay more attention to those highly persistent and hidden security threats, especially our key information infrastructure such as finance, energy, electricity and transportation.



      According to the analysis of network security experts, black production has become the biggest cancer in the whole digital process. These behaviors endangering network security also use big data, algorithms and computing power, so more powerful countermeasures are needed.


      Ma Bin, a network security expert: in today's process towards digitization, both government g, enterprise B and individual C should pay attention to the development of our whole digitization, and do a good job in the ability of protection. Without protection, everything is zero. In this process, G (government) B (Enterprise) C (individual) should be linked.


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